Hidden Muscle Television


“ Hidden Muscle Television takes you to places never seen before by the public - join us on this National adventure.”

Our thanks to Haywood County

Our sincere thanks to all the people in Haywood County North Carolina who helped to bring the Hidden Muscle Series to life.  We are excited about this television series and proud to feature a wonderful group of people and their amazing cars from your area.  We hope to return in the future to film those additional stories and fantastic collections we missed while we were there.  

Watch the video segments of Episode One of Hidden Muscle.

Hidden Muscle - Episode 1 - Haywood County, North Carolina

Hidden Muscle Series Introduction and Location Selection

Hidden Muscle Visits Hilliard and Ovieda Pitts

Hidden Muscle and the GTO Fanatics in Haywood County

Hidden Muscle gets a look at the Secret GTO Shop

Hidden Muscle and the extreme Collector- Steve Davis

Hidden Muscle finds a 1970 Plymouth Superbird.

Hidden Muscle and a collection of over 30 Muscle Cars

Hidden Muscle meets Randy Hall and his Plymouth GTX 440.

Hidden Muscle and Mustang Madness with Eddie Henline

Our Hosts wrap up their visit to Haywood County - Creekside

Hidden Muscle is filmed in 1080i High Definition - this series is beautiful!

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